What Is Compounding?

Compounding is the mixing of drugs by a pharmacist, physician, or veterinarian to fit the unique needs of a patient. This may be done for medically necessary reasons (e.g. changing from a solid pill to a liquid, elimination of a non-essential ingredient due to patient allergy, or to obtain the exact dose needed). It may also be done for voluntary reasons (e.g. adding favorite flavors to a medication). We regularly produce medications for patients in various forms for patients to suit their individualized needs. This can be the creation of a med in cream form for a patient who cannot receive the dose orally, or the production of a grape flavored lollipop for a child who simply cannot stand the taste of his medication. To learn more about our ability to customize your meds, contact us today at 210-226-1112.

Compounding For Pets?

Absolutely. Every member of the family, including your pets, regularly needs specialized medications. Mike Anderson, our pharmacist-in-charge, is also one of the few certified veterinary pharmacists in the area. If you are looking for answers that limit the use of potentially harmful drugs, let us be of assistance.

Benefits Of Compounding

  • Prepare the proper strength of medication
  • Many commercially available medications may not come in the strength needed. A compounding pharmacy can provide a specific dosage.
  • Change the dosage form
  • Compounding pharmacies can make the administration of a medication easier by changing the form of the medication. Medications can be custom formulated in tablet, liquid, cream, or suppository form based on a patient's needs.
  • Provide some medications that are no longer available
  • Sometimes drug manufacturers discontinue certain medications, strengths, or dosage forms. Often, a compounding pharmacy can manufacture the needed medication at the proper strength in the correct dosage form.
  • Combine multiple medications
  • In some cases, if the patient is on multiple medications, a compounding pharmacy can combine them into one medication making medications simpler to administer and often saving you money.
  • Flavor the medication
  • Compounding pharmacies can prepare medication in a variety of flavors including vanilla and peanut butter.